1 Moon Crossroads

Before we crossed the threshold of the new Baktun in 2012, many Lightworkers had been through learning experiences and necessary clearing of our own energies.

It was Jan. 5, 1999 when the 8th Underworld began according to Dr. Calleman’s interpretation of the Maya calendar, and our extra dimensional perceptions were kicking in high gear!

We learned shamanic practices, new healing modalities, how to work with crystals and energies of the Earth’s lay lines. We also sharpened our intuitions and learned to travel in our dreams and visit the Akashic Records. Channellings became more common place and were offering practical advice on the new Spirituality.

Now all this is not so strange or “woo-woo”, many more people are living the new paradigm and there are fewer and fewer “fundamentalists” of any particular dogma. We are also much more tolerant of those who are slow to release the old systems.

It was during the start of the 8th Underworld that I began having a series of recurring dreams of the “mothership” coming down. The most prominent instance in my memory was on August 11, 1999, during the Grand Cross alignment. In that dream I had to find a school where people learn to ride the Mothership. It was a room full of people in bean bags relaxing. Two days later I got invited to a fund-raiser for a “Sun School” group who wanted to go do ceremony at Teotihuacan and they had a stage full of bean bags!

Other events in that dream played out through several years culminating in the Waitaha Grandmothers’ visiting San Marcos Springs, Texas, on 13 Ahau, October 28, 2011. The date Dr. Calleman predicted was the true “end-date” of the Maya long-count.

There was one particular dream I had that I cannot recall the date of. I saw the space ship coming down, at first it was two stars spinning around eachother, then several stars and then many circling lights with lighting flowing between them. There were people applauding and then a small white alien with three fingers took my hand and we hovered into the ship.

There were many short aliens and one tall one. Some were eating icecream cones! After I tried to ask many questions, they seemed a bit put off and they told me psychically, “we will be back for you in one moon.” I was returned home and I woke from the dream.

I thought it could mean the first full moon of the new millennium. I later realized that they meant the thirteen day “treceña” in the tzolkin calendar that begins on 1 Toj/Water. This treceña began on Sunday July 13, 2014 and ends on 13 Imix/Crocodile, July 26, 2014. We are currently “in One Moon.”

Wednesday, 7.16.14, we stand again at a Crossroads, tzolkin day 4 E/Road, the day of destiny. We chose to be here now, now what? Are we in Love or Fear mode? Are we in Abundance or Lack?

There are not too many predictions for this time after 2012. Don Alejandro Oxlaj, the Mayan Grand Elder, recounted to us during a Sacred Journey in Guatemala some predictions up to the year 2016. One prophetic vision he shared was there would be battalions of weapons with no one to fire them!

8 Ajmac/Owl will be the best day for ceremony this treceña. January 1, 2014 was 3 Owl and the Supreme Court ruling for Hobby Lobby in that bizarre case, granting corporations a soul, happened on 1 Owl. (see my previous article about Owls)

Next Wednesday July 23, 2014 is 11 Rainstorm, the same tzolkin day that was on August 11,1999! Stay tuned next week, I plan to recap some of the more fabulous stellar alignments, the Harmonic Concordance, and shift dates on Dr. Calleman’s “time pyramid” map of consciousness acceleration.

Thank you for my life, Holy Father/Mother of Creation, protect us and watch over us. Help use make the right decisions for ourselves and for our future generations, we ask for peace and healing for the Earth,

All together relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

– Carlos Cedillo


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