So maybe this is Armageddon?

Would it be so bad to get all the final judgement stuff out of the way so we can be in the 1000 years of Peace?

For all the recent trauma the world has witnessed this past few weeks, it is even more important than ever to remember WE ARE DREAMING.
It does not really matter who fired the missile that downed the 777, it matters that everyone stop shooting at eachother! UN leader, Ban Kin Moon told Benjamin Netanyahu to his face, “stop shooting!”

Remember when Republican strategists announced openly that they “create reality”? Yep. They were dreaming! There is no reason to believe that the Democrats are not trying to create their own version of reality as well.

We create even stronger dreams of peace every night, now wake up and start creating dreams of peace in true reality!

Many are holding on to that dream of Baktuns past! (1 Baktun = 144,000 days) The truth is that this was very much predicted to be a time of the explaining of Great Mysteries. The great mystery about why our governments and social systems aren’t functioning is because those with “power” over others want to preserve that power more than they care about helping those they are supposed to be serving. The Chilam Balam says of this time, “….there is no truth in the words of the owners of the town.” In other words, most central governments and the wealthy elite who believe they own the towns they inhabit use all sorts of deception and double standards to get the lower classes to be subservient to their whims. We all have been allowing such out-of-balance relationships to flourish. All 7 billion+ of us need to stand up together and say “I demand to be treated with respect and dignity and love just as every other human being on earth deserves the same! I am Awake!”

Of course, some who say that will be immediately truncheoned and dragged to the nearest jail! They are still dreaming of the abusive relationship they have with their government. Yet, each time one of us dreams a healing uplifting dream, we heal and uplift all of humanity.

This Wednesday (July 23. 2014) is 11 Rainstorm. This tzolkin day happened on Aug. 11, 1999, the day of the Grand Cross eclipse I heard being called the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”. We were at another media-hyped Armageddon back then, the coming Y2K computer meltdown. Remember some thought that “airplanes would fall from the sky” when their computers could read a date stamp?

12 Ahau, Thursday is a real Abundant time. Maybe we can give war a rest for a couple of days and grab piles of Tortillas down in Mexico! Just as Maya prophecy predicted, I am driving my folks to Mexico this week and Thursday we should be transferring an old retirement account my father had set up when he worked for Pemex at Isla del Carmen, Campeche, MX. On my mom’s shopping list for Mexico is tequila and “piles of tortillas!”

13 Imix/Crocodile (7/25/14) promises to be a magical day, it is a day that is a beginning (20 day uinal) and it is and end (13 day treceña). The Venus Transit energy that happened June 5-6, 2012 will re-activate between 13 Imix and the following day, 1 Ik/Wind. We will see the Earth’s magic continue to increase the following 40 days to 13 Ahau (September 2, 2014).

As the great prophet Bill Hicks said, “it’s just a ride!”

May peace prevail and grow in all our hearts
Let us know Oneness with all creation and beauty and love flourish forever.

All together relations!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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