Celestial Jaguars, Eagles and Deer

This week sees balancing of the Yin and Yang energies as one of the most masculine days, 12 Aj/Reed, and most feminine, 13 Ix/Jaguar, occur August 6 and 7, 2014. Reed is logical, practical laws of physics and measurements while Ix, the Jaguar is intuitive, natural and raw earth.

Cosmicjaguar is the name I chose for my electronic Space-jazz music act. In 2004 and 2005 Dr. Carl Johann Calleman visited Texas to teach his theories about the Maya Long count calendar. Those visits were bracketed by two 13 Ix/Jaguar days.

260 days does not seem like a very long time. It was November 2013 the last time we were at this point in the tzolkin cycle, 13 Ix/Jaguar, and there were volcanoes going off all over the world in an impressive show of Earth’s magnificent energy. 260 days before that, we were at the beginning of March, 2013 and we were still on a spiritual high after all the 2012 excitement. There was a sense, however fleeting, that all was going to be made right in the world.

The next treceña (13 days) from 1 Eagle to 13 Deer (August 8-20, 2014) begins with four days for peace ceremonies designated by the Mayan council of elders one tzolkin round after the start of Operation Desert Storm. For all the chaos and violence the world has seen since then, it seems we need peace ceremonies more than ever.

Nawal Tzikin – Opening the Sac Be’. The “Shock and Awe” campaign ahainst Iraq began on 1 Eagle day, March 19, 2003. It was one tzolkin later, Dec. 4, 2003, when Mayan elders in Guatemala called for 4 days of meditation for peace, preferably in the mountains. Sac Be is the white road leading to Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld and the place where we may transcend death.

Nawal Ajmaq – 2 Owl (August 9, 2014) Meditate on sin and forgiveness. Owl days have been very potent in 2014. On this balance the male and female sources of wisdom.

Nawal No’j – 3 Earthquake, (August 10, 2014) Commands “great illusion,” balance, harmony between mind and imagination. Light white candles. Let go of negative thinking. This could be hard with all that’s happening in life right now, but it is important not to label or judge events that the outcome has not been determined.

Nawal Tijax – 4 Flint Knife (August 11, 2014) Opens dimensions. I believe that one of the biggest transitions we are making as we commence this new Baktun is opening our consciousness to higher dimensions. Indigenous shamans from all traditions have utilized this higher consciousness for ages and ages. We have the potential now for all humanity to manifest this new consciousness.

13 Deer (August 20, 2014) is a psychic powerhouse day. We can transform the vision of the Eagle into Oneness consciousness. Quelling our anger and healing past hurts requires forgiveness and a willingness to send light and love to those who may have wronged us. The reward is a clear conscience and open channels of heart to heart communication.

May there be peace! No more wars, no more widows or orphans, no more contamination of the Earth!

All together relations!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

-Carlos Cedillo


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