Cosmicjaguar Returns

4 CDs currently listed for sale!

Orquidea Negra, newest! 2014 Some of the strongest Cosmicjaguar compositions ever!

Sweet Mad Honey, first great recordings! 2000

Maya Codex Electronica, from a turbulent year,2010 innovative, yet raw and emotional!

Earth 13.0 recorded 2011 explorations in psychedelic hip hop beats and post new-age spirituality!

Better than iTunes, a real CD with cool artwork! I will get these pressed on vinyl as soon as I sell enough CDs! thanks for spreading the good vibrations!

-Carlos Cedillo 13 Jaguar day August 7, 2014

orquida negra cosmicjaguar JCfront

orquida negra cosmicjaguar JCback

<a earth13 front

earth13 tray

Maya Codex Electronica half cover

Maya Codex Electronica cover back

disk face SMH


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