3 dog, 4 monkey UFO again!

I saw the Mothership again last night in Fredericksburg, TX! I was at Trois estate across the street from Enchanted Rock! It was 3 Dog(Tzi) Night! ….It was so bright it had spokes of light and a violet aura as it hovered across the sky,  then as it got right above me it faded into a red ball before fading out completely!  

It was the same ship I had seen in Round Top, TX on Dec. 15, 2006 (3 Ik/Wind day, also a day of the North)

A UFO was filmed by multiple cameras over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem!!!! That was Jan. 28, 2011 – 13 Deer

(It made the news on Jan 31, 2011 – 3 Dog)  http://youtu.be/M18DOev-_48  http://youtu.be/1sGs9j5f964

In this video you can see the red lights flashing after the UFO ascends! http://youtu.be/cZuZ_ha2XtM


What did you do on your summer vacation?

-Carlos Cedillo

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