Dancing in the Streets

[ Update: March 22, 2018 – 10 Earthquake.  This year, 13 Ahau, the “end” of the tzolkin cycle falls on March 25, 2018.  So there is going to be something to celebrate very soon and then March 26th, time to get together with your best buddies and plan things out for the new tzolkin.  This year 2018 began with 8 Earthquake, so it has been great so far for music.  Music that is grounded in the earth connects us with true earthy vibration and keeps our thoughts in harmonic resonance with reality.  There are many folks, particularly Liberals this time, who are very disconnected from reality.  They are giving up their connection to Mother Earth in favor of ideals they wish to enforce upon the rest of humanity.  Ideals Sound good, but in practice lead to death and misery for anyone who tries to live their lives with such falsehoods.  Every human needs pure freedom to grow, change, adjust to reality and prosper.  Attempts to enforce a moral platitude over reality just ends up pissing everyone off.  Conservatives were suffering from this during the Gulf Wars, now it is Liberals turn to see they enforce morality.




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This week, Thursday August 28, 2014, otherwise known as 8 Tzikin/Eagle on the Mayan calendar, marks one full Tzolkin round since I began posting a weekly blog on Planetwaves.net!  Here is a link to my first published article, Time is a Holy Place published 8 Eagle, December 11, 2013.

It is a good time to review everything that has happened since then as we are also coming up quickly to the end of the current Tzolkin round. 13 Ahau/Sun. (Ahau is spelled, Ajpu in some Mayan dialects). This time period can feel like the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Gregorian calendar. In fact the day 13 Ahau (coming next Tuesday, September 2, 2014) is often a day to be ‘Dancing in the Streets’.  Finish up those lingering projects, clean up around the house, and welcome those unexpected visitors and radical new developments that will impact the next Tzolkin round.

We have felt as a nation, an intense need for changes after the dramatic shooting of a young man in Ferguson, MO, by a police officer and the subsequent militaristic response by police to the mostly peaceful protests that inevitably occurred as a natural response by that town’s citizens.

Despite the sadness of this event and other news like the horrible new terror group ISIS in Iraq and Syria, most sensitive people now can see the origins of our woes, and that is that “fear itself” has too harsh a grip on the minds of our country. The cops dressed as soldiers and those who support them are the ones who are most terrified of anyone who is an “other”, or an outsider from anywhere else. Why else would they dress in gas masks, flack vests and helmets? Because they are cowardly morons, they follow orders to beat and subjugate their fellow Americans. Only the bravest, most intelligent officers took off the military gear and marched hand in hand with the protesting citizens.

Now as for the Mayan calendar, the prophecies of the Chilam Balam (Jaguar Prophet) books are one of my tools for understanding current events. I am sure these are taught to aspiring Daykeeper shamans in Guatemala as part of the oral traditions, but I do not know for sure if they use them the way I do.

In the Chilam Balam of Chumayel there are chapters outlining in poetic terms what they predict will transpire in each Katun (7200 days.  20 Katuns = 1 Baktun, or 144,000 days).  Due to the metaphoric nature of these writings, we can now interpret these as prophecies for each Uinal (20 days).  13 Ahau is where we are now.

Here are a few key passages in the prophecy for Katun 13 Ahau:

….The Perfumed Flower will Open

The prophet lordship of the lands,

The universal judgement

Of our Father God.

The blood of stick and stone will come.

Heaven and Earth will burn….

…Holy completion of time, truly.

…There will be no power in heaven and earth.

The great towns enter into Christianity,

….whatever the name of the town.

Over all the engendered offspring of the towns,

….It is because of the two-day people,

A result of their madness,

[That there is] the drying up of the engendered sons,

[And] of their flowers.

There is no good day for us, truly.

[This is] the origin of death,

Their bad blood.

At the rising of the moon,

At the going down of the moon,

[At] the completed final reason of the end,

Then there is the possibility of complete blood,

According to the good planets,

Percieved as good, truly.

The end of the Word of God

Will provoke universal baptism

[Through] the resurrection of the Holy Spirit….

There is still lots of madness in the world, to be sure!  It is because the Gregorian calendar, the “two-day people” is not sufficient for describing the qualities of time, only quantities, that people do not understand true spirituality.  Once we find the final reason of the end – the end of the Baktun (Dec. 21, 2012) – and understand what it truly meant, then we can come into a new spirituality all over the world.  That would not necessarily be Christian spirituality, the Maya were only paying lip service to the church so that they would not be persecuted further!

These prophetic visions may take a few more tzolkin rounds before they fully materialize.  There has to be a first step, then another and then another, but we will arrive perhaps sooner than we can imagine!  There was a big step taken towards universal healing and baptism on October 28, 2011, also a 13 Ahau day, when the Waitaha Grandmothers of New Zealand visited San Marcos, TX and performed a water ceremony at our local springs.  We can continue this healing process by honoring the spirit of our Ancestors on September 2, 2014 with any kind of ceremony you choose, or simply enjoying the times enough to be Dancing in the Streets!

Offered in service to humanity.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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