Manifestations from the previous Baktun

I am taking a bit of a shortcut to writing my blog this week to share what I wrote back in February of 2011.
I would like for this to be a bit more interactive with the readers! Please feel free to comment on what you would like to see manifesting this new tzolkin round and beyond into the new Baktun! How many of these things have already happened for you or maybe you have seen on the news since 2011/2012?

Now of course would be a great time for a Maya calendar analysis or a Mayan tarot reading – I know I am not supposed to shamelessly plug my services like this, but hey it is true that now is a great time for a new perspective! More than ever it is time for a Universal calendar perspective because the Cosmos is not what it used to be!

Think back if you can just to the 1990’s. Talking about the New Age was still considered to be “woo-woo” or just a crazy pipe-dream, but now here we are on the other side of that veil. Most humans are aware now that the Maya and many other ancient cultures had some prophetic visions about this new era, but few folks take the spiritual leap into the void and out of their old dogmas. As we move further away from that 2012 barrier, that really was the Venus Transit Portal from June 2004 to June 2012, we see and feel that things are somehow not the same at all. Climate change, or “Global Warming”, is only one of the most severe physical manifestations of the New Baktun. It is a razor cutting us completely away from old energy sources and small ego attitudes. We are all on one boat called Earth, and there are no life rafts (yet). If we don’t all shift away from burning carbon based fuels, then we will choke ourselves, rich and poor alike, all while trying to make a dime exploiting our Mother Earth.
Leadership must come from the people, ALL the People!

Thanks and Blessings,
Carlos Cedillo

Journal Entry from 13 Ahau, February 11, 2011

Manifest now! What do you really want life to be like on this planet? How about making it easier to get off of this planet with privatized space flight?
flying cars just science fiction?
no money, everyone just uses what they really need?
No homelessness, hunger or disease?
communication with space brothers/sisters?
A planet free of pollution?
Good, non-politicized, education for all?
No religion but heart-centered love for all beings?
Music, art and literature that leads to Ascension?
Violet Flame burning up all Karma until it is extinguished?
Universal forgiveness for all wrongs done to ourselves and eachother?
Abundant clean healthy organic food for all?
vacations on the moon?
live forever?
see all countries on Earth living peacefully?
Free Energy for all?
Explore the bottom of the ocean in a Yellow Submarine?
teleportation, psychic awareness of all forms of consciousness?
transfiguration into your spirit animal at will?
Love? For and from everyone you meet?
wealth beyond measure?
Know God?
speak with Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Great Spirit, Kwan Yin, Krishna, Mary, Angels etc.?
turn lead into gold?
walk on water, move mountains?
cross the great ocean?
What do you want???? Say it now, say it loud!
This is our time, our life, our planet, our galaxy!!!!! Use it or lose it!
Don’t take NO for an answer!
YES! I AM the Violet Flame and my music uplifts the world!
I AM Spirit made pure through the fires of earthly incarnation!
I have lived many millions of past lives and will be around many more lives until all that there is to experience in the Universe has been experienced!
The holy life has been lived, there is nothing more to accomplish, i take my refuge in the Buddha and his teaching, the Dharma and the Sangha.
I am but a vessel of the Great Spirit, I have White light of Protection all around me, around all I love, around all I encounter.
It is accomplished.

Today, 1 Crocodile, I ask to receive the unshakable faith in the Lord of Light and the Ancestors, that they guide my steps to the final LIBERATION of all sentient Beings. That all may know their stellar origins. That all sins are washed away in the Violet Flame of Freedom’s love.


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