No more heads in the sand

Your souls are going to receive the truth.
Broken the spirit of your worship, Oh Itzas.
Forget your perishable god,
Destroy your god.
Of everything there is, He is ruler,
Father and creator of heaven
And all of the earth.
This is the pain in your heart at what is said then, Maya and Itza.
You do not want to hear of another God.
True God speaks to you.
This is His entry into your heart,
The word of my sermon, truly.

– Chilam Balam, Jaguar Prophet, ‘Counsels of Life and Death’

There is no god more certain of itself than Empirical government. As it was for Rome, and England, the Aztecs, and Spain, the Third Reich, the U.S.S.R, so shall it be for Imperialist America.

We can no longer accept living in a world where those less-than-100%-light beings dictate how our individual and collective lives are to be lived. As we are understanding that we are One Consciousness experiencing itself in many billions of different ways, we know all war must end.

As we make it our intention to interact only with beings who are only 100% of the Light, those entities who are less than 100% Light begin to fall away from our consciousness. As more and more human beings become aware of their own spiritual light potential, there is no more room in our hearts and minds for those beings who have sought to control and manipulate us into giving them our spiritual life-force energies.

In the Chilam Balam prophecy for the time of 1 Ahau/Sun, (Sept.23-Oct.12, 2014), “…there is an end to the receiving of the money of the Anti-Christ. Anti-Christ does not come. Our Father God does not desire it….This is the root that is Anti-Christ, truly — Avaricious buying and selling.” It sounds like Wall St. may have met its match this week!

It had to be a beautiful young woman, Carmen Segarra is only 41 years old, to pull off this feat since 1 Ahau is also the Aztec day of Xochiquetzal, the goddess of feminine sex energy!

I had promised to write more about the tsunami at the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan (March 11, 2011, 3 Toj/Water), but I noticed that ever since then, I have written very little during this part of the tzolkin. I pray this week has no major disruptions, there is enough already happening!

There may be plenty of opportunity for romance this weekend, beginning Thursday, 4 Tzi/Dog, so long as we stay out of mischief Friday, 5 Monkey, remain humble Saturday, 6 E/Road, balance ourselves Sunday, 7 Reed.

Monday October 6, 2014 is 8 Ix/Jaguar, another powerful feminine energy day, make a ceremony for Mother Nature. Tuesday 9 Eagle correlates with December 15, 1791, the day the Bill of Rights became law! So protect your rights, everybody else is trying to trample over them nowadays.

The Full “Blood” Moon happens at just before 6:00 AM, Wed. Oct 8, 2014. This is 10 Ajmac/Owl on the tzolkin, a perfect day to be on Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX, but way too early for this hombre. I may make the journey if the right friend comes along.

Much Love and Blessing,
All together relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

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