Otherside of the Eclipse

I trust you are still reeling from today’s powerful Blood Moon Eclipse that happened this morning October 8, 2014. 10 Ajmac/Owl is a sign of creating harmony, so this powerful eclipse may have some positive repercussions. It may not feel very positive to those who live on the wrong side of history. Find a place to meditate, reconcile yourself to the truth, mediate for peace.

If nothing has been cut loose from your life, there may still be aftershocks much like an Earthquake or a powerful Rainstorm followed by a new Light.

Everything has implications. I think that is the message I am hearing from this Blood Moon Eclipse on 10 Ajmac, the Dark Owl day Oct. 8, 2014.

Go where the people treat you right.

The previous Blood Moon was on April 15, 2014. That happened to be on 3 Ahau/Sun, generally a healing energy sign it sure kicked up lots of dirt before we could arrive safely in our newly healed condition! So maybe the true implications of a 10 Owl Eclipse will take a few days to manifest.

Len Wallick wrote that there was a connection from this week’s Lunar Eclipse to one 19 years ago, and I checked and that was a 12 Owl day on Oct. 8, 1995. That is around the time I began making frequent road trips into Mexico, collecting crystals and climbing pyramids. Those journeys and the soul growth that took place for me are the entire basis of what I try to write about and teach you all in this blog and in my book, the sounds of my musical vibrations and the colors and lines in my art work. I guess it is time for me to take off on a new kind of adventure for the next katun. I can’t wait!

I promised a reader and client that I would write more about the Private readings I do and use her chart as the example. I will have to write that in the comments section later this week, because as I am writing now, the moon is shifting rapidly into position for tomorrow morning’s Eclipse, so I have to run!

Thanks and Love,
Carlos Cedillo


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