Mayan Composite Astrology for the Trecena of 1 Sun

nice to see someone doing similar work to my own!

New Paradigm Mayan Astrology

By combining the day sign of a specific, often called the Lord of the Day, with that of the trecena ruler, a composite day sign can provide further guidance on how to deal with the day’s energy. This is an advanced technique of New Paradigm Mayan Astrology.

The quatrefoil is a symbol for a flower, thus of Ajaw, the concept of beginning and end, and the four cardinal directions, among many others. The quatrefoil, which may be the basis of the flower meaning on the nahual Sun, is one of several key symbols of ancient Mesoamerican cosmovision that have been virtually overlooked until now.

The Trecena of Sun

A Sun trecena can be unusually intense, as Sun illuminates and brings things into the light. This is true for any day ruled by Sun. However, the effect is even stronger during this trecena because Sun combined with any other nahual results in the other nahual. For example, Sun plus Snake leads to Snake as the double composite. This is useful from analyzing relationships as well as…

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3 thoughts on “Mayan Composite Astrology for the Trecena of 1 Sun

    1. I’ll try to find some website with more definitions…otherwise I’ll have to make one up….maybe when I recreate I can include that….what time shall we talk tomorrow…(answer in FB or text!) thanks!

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