3 Eagle, Set your Vision in Motion


It has sure been a great day.  It feels like one of those days that set something wonderfully new in motion and we can never go back to how it was before.

3 Eagle, Monday 10-27-14.  I had to get one of my fingernails re-done this morning.  I use the acrylic nails as my guitar picks.  It is kind of like an Eagle’s talon now.

I went to the Austin Music Foundation and had a great meeting with Alex Vallejo.  We discussed improving my website to where it will be more suitable to getting gigs and selling music.  Always a good thing to contemplate on an Eagle day, how to make more money!

I then went to San Marcos and visited my friends Drew and Dane from the Ill-Eagles unicycle football team.  Drew, Dane and our other friend Ryan all have great music we can pout out under the Violet Flame Records label!

The future is pretty cool looking all of a sudden.

Love y’all!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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