13 Serpent Full Moon in Taurus

Well, there’s been a lot of wonderfully complex energy flowing – I guess that is an understatement – we are merely intensifying the on going transformation into many more- dimensional Beings.

The Eclipses are over at least.  I have learned that eclipses are our friends!  The power of today’s Full moon in Taurus, is that it arrives on the 13 Serpent tzolkin glyph.   I always have to repeat, G.W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden were both 13 Serpent!

Kundalini Rises to the Realm of our Higher selves.  We can achieve Union in these higher planes, this is far beyond the third dimensional range of perception.

I am arriving at a manifestation of my higher Dimensional self into my lower 3-d self containment structures and preparing to burst from my old cellular structures.  I have not been in vibrational harmony with some axis of Earth’s dominant vibrational fields.  My awareness of that is allowing me to gravitate more to proper alignment.

Be well amigos!


2 thoughts on “13 Serpent Full Moon in Taurus

  1. Thank you so much! I was waiting to hear “the weekly insight” from the awesome Maya Daykeeper that I have been blessed with knowing a little. 13 Serpent today for me is supporting some important decisions and offerings I am about to make to some people dear to me. Last Tuesday (11 Akbal) felt like being ground between two millstones to get more negativity and fear out of me. Now, after learning to accept each and everyn “small deaths” as each second passes into the next, the Creative One has more ease to move in and through me. Thank you again for introducing to this powerful way of aligning myself with each new day’s energies. Ahau being the Nauaul (is that correct) seems to be “lighting up” each of these days well enought vfor me to “see” them and myself in them better. No? 🙂
    Be blessed
    Be empowered
    Be well
    Be You

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