3 Star/Rabbit, 4 Toj/Water/Offering


Yesterday was 3 Qanil, “running rabbit” or “Shooting Star” day! (Qanil properly translates from Mayan to English as “semen”)

I had a great day with my San Martian community, unicycle football and a great celebration of friendship afterwards….and one who had her 3 Rabbit birthday!

There was a real Shooting Star the previous night in Austin, TX, part of a comet that broke up in the 1800’s fell on the heart of Texas! It was the talk of the town on 3 Star/Rabbit.  The late part of the evening was spent in a very funny conversation about male anatomy, childish, yes, but hilarious none-the-less!

Today is 4 Toj/Water/Offering, a great day for wealth redistribution and giving thanks where thanks are due.  Don’t get too spread out emotionally though.  There are only 52 days left until New Year’s Day 2015 of the Gregorian calendar.  I hope to be on top of a pyramid at Palenque for that!

If life seems to be bringing you challenges and you just want to leave your present situation, it may be the influence of last Friday’s 1 Death energy that will be present until it becomes Cosmic Flintknife – 13 Tijax – on November 19, 2014.  The days between are all steps up the Cosmic DNA ladder for cutting out negative energies that may have been holding us back from our true destiny.  So think of this time as really good psychic surgery.

The 20 day final cycle that began on 9 Imix/Crocodile November 2nd will end on Nov. 21, 2014 with the dualistic 2 Ahau/Light.  Think 2 headlights, or Two Suns or “Tuscon, AZ”.  Dualism is part of the effect of the current 1 Kame/Death – 13 Tijax/Flintknife treceña.  However, 1 Kawok/Rainstorm begins Nov. 20 showing that we are all still one community and there is one divine thread keeping us all together – 13 Batz/Monkey (Dec.2, 2014).

Much love and Blessings,

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin,

Carlos Cedillo


4 thoughts on “3 Star/Rabbit, 4 Toj/Water/Offering

  1. Thanks, Carlos , for such a thorough “run-through” of the pertinent days of this part of this month. For someone like me who wants to understand the workings of the Maya energy system of time-watching (rather than “have my fortune told for this or that day”) it is very helpful to have you point our the beginning and ending of cycles and for the energy or thought -forms to be watching out for in particular on that day or during that time.

    The heads up about this 1-Death to 13 Flint cycle is particularly helpful for me as I have been processing a lot of stuff and letting go of more and more “unnecessary baggage” (usually fears) as I proceed (and, thanks to you, my curiosity was sparked enough, and the “good fortune” of watching a YouTube video that introduced Mira Kelly to me, I have been doing past life regression work, slowly. What is most interesting is that the particular life that my attention is being brought to is one that has a particular “message” for a particular life situation that has me stymied. I have been more than amazed at its (doing the regression work) helpfulness to put things in perspective for me right now in this life. It is bringing my soul to rest as I cut out and let go in order o keep moving on.)

    Why is Tucson Arizona in your 2 Ahau dualism warning? My sister lives there and I visit in the winter sometimes. They have a gem and mineral show in February traditionally—but “dualistic”? Me and my curiosity—has gotten me lots of answers. 🙂 lol

  2. Tuscon, “Two -sun” Part of the magic of the Maya calendar is their witty use of words that sound like other words. Even though we use English instead of a Mayan dialect, the thought process is the same. So 2 Deer day can be thought of as “Too Dear”. The number 8 can be substituted with “Ate”
    Even 6Rainstorm can be thought of as “Brainstorm” and many other fun language devices can be discovered.

  3. How cool! I wish I could “see” and “hear” those better—one I cAnnot get out of my head since college is therapist…
    Question about ceremony for 11-11-14 tomorrow–is it a fire ceremony? I will do one here and would like to know the ceremony’s direction. If I do not hear back from you by then I will figure one out. Thanks for the heads up.

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