Abraham Hicks Hot Seat, 9 Ix/Jaguar

I just had the most wonderful vibrational Shift as I was up in the “hot seat” talking with Esther/Abraham Hicks!!!!  It’s all about RECEPTIVITY.   Vibrational Alignment, Timing, Abundance. Stop trying to get somewhere! Eliminate struggle.  Challenges are Invitations.  You cannot reconcile someone else to their Vortex, only your own.  We are creating the Reality of our choice. Translate vibration into reality [I would add vibrations of the 8th and 13th dimensions!]

As I was waiting to be called on, I decided to stand on my chair if she didn’t pick me for the hot seat.   Though I did stand, I refrained from standing on the chair, but Abraham said out loud, “There’s no need to stand on the chair, it won’t help”….I got chosen after the next person went up to meet her/them….it was Epic!

I had to know what was the shift point between NOT getting what you want and then GETTING what you want.  I felt a huge shift of energy as I got into the creative space they call the Vortex.

I really achieved a new strongly felt Vibration! …and I “get it”, now I just need to stay in it!

I sold many download cards for my CD “Orquidea Negra” and met some wonderful co-creators!!!  Ciara and Happy Happy James were there, Seth who I met at Giselle’s got to speak with Abraham too.

I manifested the money the night before, 8 Aj/Reed, when I delivered a guitar I had repaired to its very delighted owner.  Everything had been falling into place since [even before] Thursday when was at Giselle Koy and Micheal Gilardy’s Ascension workshop.  I am oging back to talk with Michael and have another Spiritual money issues healing session!

I will post video soon!!! [update: video only available on my browser 😦 …..]

Stay tuned (I need to process this a bit more….)

Love you all!


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

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