2 Ahau blues, 3 Imix crocodile run

Duality runs the day today (Nov.21, 2014).  It is a “Sun” day, Ahau, so it may feel like a great day to rest and recuperate.  It is also a Dark day, because we are in the “Dark of the Moon” just before the New Moon the happens tomorrow, 3 Imix.  Saturday is when the action happens.  If you are in Central Texas, that will be a lot of rain action but it will still be a great time to gather friends and plan out how you will use the last 40 days of 2014.  January 1, 2015 will be 4 Imix/Crocodile.

So we have one “Step” to go before a super expansive and initiative year of 2015.

9 Ahau happens on Dec. 11, 2014.  This will be a time of great influx of Light energy.  In case you didn’t notice, the world of politics is improving even if Repuglicans took over Congress (this will be a short lived victory).

Watch out for Sunday Nov, 23, 2014, that is 4 Ik/Wind and you know all kinds of things get blown out of proportion on such days as 4 Wind.

This blog may be edited and expanded as the day goes by, so check back this afternoon or evening for more info!!!!


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


3 thoughts on “2 Ahau blues, 3 Imix crocodile run

  1. Awesome explanation of just what I am “struggling” with today==struggle no more. Flow with what is into a very busy day tomorrow and then watch out on Sunday for some heavy-duty Wind action. As always, great gratitude to you and for you.

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