10 Rabbit Dark Venus warrior

Thanks to Great Spirit I was able to enjoy a wonderful Sweat-lodge at my friends’ Greg and Fenix and her friend Brit was there to help keep the energy balanced.  I spotted two faint and slow moving Light ships before we entered the inipi.

I picked up the grandfather stones from where we did sweats with Steve in Wimberley, on 8 Death, (Thanksgiving)! Steve had moved to Cali but left the stones in a heart shape over where he had the fire pit before.  8 Death is “Day of the Enchanted Stones”

Ten represents Darkness and Manifestation.  Qanil, the Rabbit is fertility, beauty, vegetables.

The ego desire body, the will of the physical personality, must merge with the Will of Spirit into one fused unit of consciousness.

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Tomorrow (November 30, 2014) is 11 Toj/Water, a day of thanks once again, but this time there is a change in how we make our offerings. 11 Toj was the tzolkin calendar birthday of Saddam Hussein….and 11 Toj was also the day Hurricane Katrina hit NOLA! Connections!! “Pay up sukka’!!” is the karmic announcement! Blood is thicker than water. Money does not have to rule everything. It is not a solid, it it a fluid. Keep it flowing and the shit won’t get stopped up! (I’ll try not to rant!) Grateful for friends! Love,

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!



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