April 17th-19th, 2015 on the Tzolkin calendar

Heart of Heaven, Heart of the Earth and spirits of all our Ancestors.
May the reading of the days be fruitful to the Divine plan
May the hearts of those who read these words be filled with joy
Heart of the water, Heart of the air
Spirits of the volcanoes
Our star brethren and all sentient life..
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


April 17, 2015
6 Deer/Quej (Qui’che Mayan), Manik (Yucatec Mayan)Kej

Deer is our Healing nature, healing our hearts and the heart of Mother Earth, with compassion. Our four-legged companions on Earth have helped us, so we honor them and seek to commune better with them and learn to be in the same Zen state of mind, simply to be in the moment with loving compassion for all Beings of Light in all of Creation. We remember psychic powers once long forgotten. We can travel to the stars and greet the Beings there! We can explore our dreams together for mass consciousness expansion and free ourselves to explore many new dimensions.

April 18, 2015
7 Rabbit/Qanil, LamatQanil

The Middle way of the warrior-goddess. Goddess warriors for Beauty. The strongest braves stand outside the circle of the Divine feminine to energetically protect her. The only way for the Feminine to truly rise to power is for the Masculine to surrender his power to hers completely. The Feminine loves the beauty of the man who can do this and returns the favor to bring Balance.

As if by Divine artistic inspiration, the Sun and Moon will be perfectly conjunct April 18, 2015 exactly at 12 noon above Sedona, AZ.

April 19, 2015
8 Water, Offering/Toj/MulucToj

Great Sacrifices and Great Thanks. Toj means “to pay”, it is the rising of the moon and the going down of the moon and the rise and fall of tides. It is the promise of and the down payment for the New Age of Unity consciousness. Tears of Joy will refill the reservoirs and streams of the earth. Our attitude of gratitude is locked in the new frequencies of the galaxy and Universes everywhere!

Two cycles of 13 tones, called a Treceña, and 20 glyphs, called a uinal, roll out 260 days of the Sacred Tzolkin calendar.

April 17-19, 2015, fall in the 12th Uinal cycle of the current tzolkin. This uinal lasts from April 11, 2015 that is 13 Imix/Crocodile (waterlily, left-handed), until April 30, 2015, that is 6 Ahau/Light, so this will be a time of Cosmic Initiation and Healing Light energy.

Understanding the Maya Tzolkin requires knowledge of what happened in past cycles of the Tzolkin. On 13 Imix June 7, 2012 in the Western Hemisphere, Venus transited the Sun. During the previous uinal 6 Ahau, August 2014, the world mourned the loss of comedian Robin Williams.

The 18th Treceña runs from 1 Ik/Wind, April 12, 2015, until 13 Ix/Jaguar, April 24, 2015. So a single breath of Great Spirit will call forth the Cosmic Jaguars to devour the Universe! Expect Visitors!

April 20, 2015 is 9 Dog/Tzi, Oc. Welcome your Family of Light and your new spiritual authority!Tzi

April 21, 2015 is 10 Monkey/Batz, Chuen, expect the unexpected and make Time for fun and adventure.Batz

April 22, 2015 is 11 Road/E, Eb, The day our Destiny changes. What it means to be a Human Being takes on new meaning.Eb

April 23, 2015 is 12 Reed, the laws of Man and the Laws of Heaven cross.Aj

Carlos Cedillo, 12 Aq’bal/Night, day of dreaming the Future
Akbal (12/14/14)



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    hello Carlos, I am interested in reading your latest post that is password protected. I was not aware that I had a password for your site. Can you assist me in accessing the post? thank you! Margaret

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