1 Tijax, one mirror/knife

Trust is a huge issue. If you don’t have it, you miss out on many Blessings life has to offer. Also if you do not have trust, you inadvertently hurt people around you who had put their trust in you. Reflect today and for the next 13 days that we are One cosmic family and we have equal authority under the laws and social conventions we create.

So maybe sometimes relationships don’t work out, this should not impede your ability to trust that the Universe has better plans for you. True, it doesn’t feel good to put your faith in someone and then have it smashed when they do not live up to your expectations. Does that mean they are unworthy or will never change? It usually just means we found someone who mirrors our own un-integrated personal aspects.

As we discover and fix those aspects in our own souls, we have fixed that one part of the Universe we actually have control over.


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