4 Imix, 2015 year of expansion, traction, new beginings

SO, I do not advocate using the Gregorian calendar, BUT unfortunately we have not yet elevated our global systems beyond the old consciousness of the previous Baktun (144,000 days) cycle.  This will happen.  I have been told by the highest authorities of the Mayan calendar that there are only predictions up to the year 2016,  after that the old consciousness will finally taper off.  We still have lots to do before this can happen.  Plus we have the added bonus that WE are the ones who get to decide how the next Grand cycle will unfold!

Many humans have the awareness that we cannot live if we continue the old ways – oil infrastructure, patriarchal domineering, hierarchical political structures, etc. – and we have seen just in the past two years many massive awakenings throughout the entire world.  Somehow, the bastards who think they own everything remain at the top of the heap.

With new technologies like the ever expanding internet, quantum medicine, and renewable energy sources, life on Earth CAN and WILL be improved this coming solar cycle.  The most important transition will be for humans to begin using their Heart Intelligence, rather than merely using the Left-brain intellect to solve problems and to communicate more effectively with each other and with all forms of consciousness.

Jan.1, 2015 is tzolkin day 4 Imix/Crocodile.  Crocodile days are always a great time to plan for the coming cycles.  So the entire year of 2015 will be colored by the ever increasing number of new ideas flourishing in all areas of life about how to save ourselves and the Planet, and how to nurture those ideas so that by 2016 the best ideas will have taken root in the collective consciousness.

Jan 1, 2016 is 5 Kame/Death, that will be a year of Love transformations!  …but we will discuss that much later!

So first resolve for 2015 to get used to the Mayan calendar as part of your daily existence.  Then watch for novel ideas springing up like little mushrooms everywhere.  Not all of the new ideas will bear fruit!  Don’t let that stop you from trying things out.  Imix/Crodile is a womb, 4 is expansion, the four elements, four legged-animals, also it is a cross, so try not to let yourself get cross (angry), just realize it is part of getting used to new things that the old fogies get upset easily!

I will talk more about the important Maya tzolkin days coming up in 2015 when I give a presentation at Austin Society of Astrologers meeting January 17, 2015 – 7 Noj/Earthquake at AOMA, (Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin).

All together relations,

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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