9 Death, 10 Deer keeping track!

Hola Compadres!
9 Kame/Death Jan. 6, 2015
Today would be amazingly transformative and can shed light on how to live in the Now. It would have helped if you had already been keeping track of events in your personal life on the Mayan Tzolkin calendar! Many cycles ago I had ended a relationship and played a terrible gig on the same night, it was on a 9 Death day about 8 years ago.

Now you could say on the one hand, it was a very bad night. With the passage of time, I learned that it was a great night because I was able to shed lots of dependencies and false limiting beliefs about what I could achieve or not in my life. The old relationship was briefly rekindled last year and now I am set to accompany other musicians and also actors and many other artistic collaborators!

10 Qej/Deer Jan. 7, 2015
On a 10 Deer day about 12 years ago, I was on a road trip in Joshua Tree N’tal forest in California (Aztlan) when I noticed a trail up a mountainside. Up the trail was an abandoned gold mine! On the way back down the trail a glint of bright sunlight hit my eye from the ground, I backed up and found a piece of gold flake! So now whenever 10 Deer comes around, I associate that day with finding a heart of gold.

All together relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

One thought on “9 Death, 10 Deer keeping track!

  1. Debra Whiddon

    Awesome you are able to see the Truth about your growth!!! As the saying goes, “it’s all good”….:)

    Sent from my iPhone


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