Free Speech zone, 10 Deer

To me, those writers and editors of Charlie Hebdo magazine who were killed in Paris today are martyrs for Freedom of Speech the world over. As a person who has been arrested for speaking my mind to authority, it is a horribly degrading experience to have to go through. There should never be a time or place in the world that someone is not allowed to speak their mind or their heart.

So should we not talk about government complicity in false flag attacks as a real deadly serious topic in the news. Even the most liberal of the liberals on cable tv still will never question the official story of 9/11.

Should I be allowed to say we totally do not need friends like Israel and Saudi Arabia. Is it not completely disturbing the relationships that the Bush family has with the wealthy oligarchs including the family of Bin Laden?

Can I say, you know, the whole Jesus story is just a recipe for psychedelic mushroom tea? It is a fact to me as clear as the sky is blue. Can I tell you of my prophetic visions and how I can tell you what the Maya Ancestors had to say about you, if you want to know? Did I mention that you should eat more peyote?

Can I mention that I am not liking your idea for a tattoo without you feeling attacked or betrayed? Can I mention to you that your conservative religion or political ideology is deeply flawed and not relevant in modern times?

Can I call you out on your soft-racism because it is just as stupid and lame as explicit racism?

Did I mention your favorite band sucks!? But hey, every music has it’s time and place I guess. I hate most professional team sports btw. I love modern art but I can also be moved deeply by the great masters of renaissance and ancient times.

Am I free to say these things and still be appreciated by those who may disagree?

I have a lifestyle that gets no respect so I stay out on the fringe, I make music that would scare you with it’s brutal honesty. I write a blog telling you how you should follow a Mayan calendar everyday.

Did I mention I love you? no like really honestly I express profound love for you even if you disrespect me and want to blow up my blog for saying all that about your religion and football team and band that sucks because YOU ARE NOT ALL THOSE THINGS!

You are a Divine being of Light energy that never left the Source, you are that Divine spark of Infinite creation. Can I say that? Do you care or want to blow things up because you disagree?

Can you handle that now you are responsible for what ever you decide to do with your body/self? Leave me alone if you can’t stand it.

Look at what is really happening in the world, stop taking your stupid ideologies so personally, if you’re talking to an invisible ‘God’, don’t be surprised if you get looked at as an idiot, at least have the courtesy to actually take mushrooms if you want to know what true spirituality is.

There is an opportunity to raise our collective consciousness right NOW , if we decide to make it happen. Violence cuts off the conversation. The USA is the worst perpetrator of violence in human history – if we look without patriotic bullshit blinders. The fanaticism we decry in others we call in ourselves pride.

Our police forces are nothing but trained attack dogs there to protect politicians and to enhance the levels of psychic FEAR among the general population. It has to be put to a stop. We are as addicted to weapons and violence as a junkie with a needle hanging out of his arm.

Trust enough in the God you all talk about to put the weapons down. Go out there and love your enemy as yourself, because really that is you in a mirror.

We probably all need a good cuddle….

aho Mitakuye Oyasin!



3 thoughts on “Free Speech zone, 10 Deer

  1. Also, Good Picture of a bad ass. Your being arrested is impressive. I honor you for your Tuth to yourSelf highly. ( I tried with a small group in Cleveland in October of 2010 during a national anti-Health Insurance company action (our target was Medical Mutual),

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