12 Wind Verbosity

I think it is about time to come out of winter hibernation and say where the energies are at according to my read of the sacred Tzolkin! 12 Ik today, Jan.22, 2015.

The Wind has already been bellowing out interesting communications both in our personal lives and world news items for several days. I like what the Pope said about Catholics not needing to be “like bunnies”! There was also the SOTU speech by POTUS Obama that was brilliantly verbose on 10 Ahau, what I call “Black Hole Sun” day, and it was a new moon.

I let out a few subconsciously derived utterances* already since the start of this 13 day cycle – 1 Batz/Monkey to 13 Akabal/Night, 1.11.15 – 1.23.15.

If we have followed the thread the monkeys have woven for us we should arrive at our Cosmic home or get a glimpe of our possible futures. That could be financial stability too.

Mercury retrograde happened 11 Imix/Crocodile. It was a good day for shopping for bargains! Nobody else was crowding the stores any more and they still got crap to unload before the Chinese shipments of more crap arrive! The ground is getting watered for the new growth coming up soon.

Change has been happening so fast, yet old paradigms persist in not dying soon enough. Thank goddess that more change is pouring in through this year at a pace unseen since 2012. The eclipses that were so unusually intense in 2014 return April 4, 2015 and Sept. 28, 2015, 6 Ix/Jaguar and 1 Batz/Monkey. We are getting a preview of what this latter eclipse will bring because we are in a 1 Monkey trecena right now! (There was a Blood moon on 6 Ix/Jaguar 2.20.08)

Because of 4 Imix/ Crocodile landing on Jan. 1, 2015, this (Gregorian) year will make all days in resonance with 4 and from the East – water, reed, earthquake and serpent, especially potent days for mass consciousness focusing events to occur. All Imix days bring new beginings, hope, nourishment and affirmations from Life, Gaia.

The Maya calendar is a map of consciousness, after all, and a guide to the heart of the heavens, heart of the earth Grandmother/Grandfather creator.

I have people tell me they love me all the time and it doesn’t bother me or make me uncomfortable, btw. I appreciate it because Love is All that is important.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

*ok, “brain farts”


2 thoughts on “12 Wind Verbosity

  1. Very helpful, especially about 4 and Imix…. how they affect this year. I really appreciate your insight . I take what you highlight to heart and am helped to be much more conscious of what is happening and how I am responding…Love ya, brotha!

    1. thank you Lea…this year everything may be new, but next year will be truly dramatic as we shift completely out of the old paradigms. Today’s; election in Greece is a harbinger of greater changes happening as the frost melts!

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