12 Eagle, 13 Owl

So today Feb. 3, 2015 was 12 Tzikin, the Eagle.  A good day to ask for money.  So it was good for Obama to propose his budget – whatever you may think of the contents, it was the day to put it out there!  I got several requests for my musical services today too!  So that felt good.

Tomorrow , Feb. 4  will be 13 Owl, a Cosmic Harmony day.

The past few days have been occupied by finally receiving violin parts from Thomas McGregor to complete a duo CD we have been working on since around Thanksgiving last year.  I sent the final mix to my friend Michael Graves for Mastering.  Mike is on his way to the Granmmy’s I am sure he wil getting his third, possibly fourth Grammy this year.  So I feel great about this new CD, so much so I will not be sharing any tracks until Thomas and I schedule a Listening Party somewhere in Austin, Tx.

I am still performing in Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote until March 1, 2015, then hopefully I can resume my planned travels in Mexico!

Mucho Besos Amigos!

Carlos CedilloGreatBlueHeron


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