6 Ik – Anger Management get lost!

Please read this first http://28pages.org to achieve proper anger level for today’s post! thanks!
– Cosmicjaguar

I’ve been trying to restrain my anger today, it is a wind day, 6 IK, 6 is death and transformation, it was also the June 8.2004 Venus Transit day. I watched that s### on my computer, alone, because nobody I knew of knew or cared about New Age “Woo Woo.” Anyway, Ik is also the best day to communicate, and BE Spirit.

My sister in-law is 6Ik, and I have know at least two other girls born under 6 Ik…sadly one of them died and she was the most interesting human around these parts, that’s agreed, but you never notice something like that until you are given the lesson. Be yourself…no not that dork who does everything the tv or their friends want them to be.. the YOU you that hates all this society of consumer culture and dig flowers dressed like a nordic goddess, belly dance to blue grass, grow dreads, shave em off, cover your naked body in mud and just walk around like it is the best clothing line ever, because it is. That’s how we pop out, that’s all that goes back in the ground..I want to be buried in mushroom spores and buried next to my cypress Buddha tree.

Lately I have butted heads with some folks who have “belief systems” (BS) and I kindly explain at first, why those ideas are not helpful to humanity, eventually it gets like, “dude! HEY! this shit is wrong!” I feel bad that folks only learn when karma bites them, but damn if I have not been bit too many times. Probably works for them in a super subconcious way, who am I to say really?

Anyway it is serious Unification Time.
We are not going to deal with our Freinemies if we are fighting eachother. This has been the job of the dual-opoly, keep us mad at eachother over petty jargon,left-right, war-peace, share – not share, care – not care, mine – yours, get lost – come together…etc.

April 4th eclipse should be the time this all comes to a head, then hopefully cleared up a bit by October’s eclipses!

All together relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

-Carlos Cedillo


3 thoughts on “6 Ik – Anger Management get lost!

  1. http://www.notinfomex.org/2015/02/el-poderoso-esta-molesto-slim-destapa.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Notinfomex%2FNarcoviolencia+%28Notinfomex+I+Narcoviolencia%29&utm_content=FaceBook

    Carlos Slim, a shareholder of The New York Times, puts a halt to Mexican politicians, including President Enrique Peña Nieto.

    Put his team of journalists to investigate bank accounts and real estate around the world.

    Carlos Slim Helu is annoying and, in defiance, has set in motion the powerful machinery of the influential US daily The New York Times, to show the degree of corruption prevailing in Mexico.

    While it is ensured that the investigations were not specifically Mexicans, casually ?? They gave them to delve into secret records, and the political shape and Mexican businessmen, are exhibited by tampering or slightly transparent million.

    The two investigations were carried out, one by the team of journalists from The New York Times, and the second by reporters in 42 countries.

    The names that emerged are known in Mexico: Hank Rhon, Camil, Téllez, Murat, Prieto Treviño, Elias Ayub, who names lower public management, as Eugenio Ebrard, brother of Marcelo Ebrard, and the builder Moses He also added Mann Arazi.

    The first investigation is The New York Times, which was investigating different personalities to real estate acquired in the United States and former PRI governor of Oaxaca and former Executive Coordinator of the Governing Council of the Pact for Mexico, José Murat, was found, who he found five properties.

    Murat accepted that owns two apartments located in Utah, United States, which- said “were bought 10 years ago for about $ 300,000, and denied owning property in New York.

    The newspaper said that José Murat millionaire has half a dozen properties in different US cities, including New York, in the first part of a series of articles under the title The Towers of secrecy “reveal the names ?? different characters who have made acquisitions in that country.

    On Wednesday give details on a piece titled “The agents of power in Mexico ?? It will air the cases of other characters De Murat Mexican forward..” The Canadians, José Murat,. Mexican leader of a prominent political family and former governor of Oaxaca. His son, Alejandro, leads the Infonavit. His family has acquired six properties in the United States. ”

    “In some cases, it is almost impossible to know where the money is to buy these properties” ??, the newspaper said.

    This story is still developing. On Wednesday, The New York Times promised, details are given.

    The second investigation that led to fortunes of Mexican poíticos, was undertaken by journalists from 42 countries led by the French newspaper Le Monde, in cuáll revealed that HSBC benefited arms dealers, men bag, dictators, as well as political and celebrities who helped hide hundreds of millions of dollars. Among them are citizens of Mexico linked to the PRI.

    The research was published by the media and consolidated on the site “Swissleaks” ??, as it’s called research. The microsite is the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ, for their INGLAS). Exhibits, among other evidence, misappropriated by the computer Hervé Falciani, a former employee of HSBC in Geneva listings.

    Data collected by journalists indicate that Mexico is at number 30 among the countries with the highest dollar amounts recognized in these leaked files. Carlos Hank Rhon, owner of Grupo Financiero Interacciones PRI politician and son of Carlos Hank González, is listed. Also the businessman Jaime Camil Garza, related to corruption in Cadereyta refinery of Petroleos Mexicanos in 2013.

    Univision medium involved in the research, reported by Hank Rhon, who came to have deposits in HSBC for 150 million dollars, and the controversial consultant Camil Garza, include former president of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) Luis Tellez Kuenzler; his predecessor in that position, Guillermo Prieto Trevino, and former director of the Federal Electricity Commission Alfredo Elias Ayub, according to the database to which they had access between.

    Is also on the Mexican list Walmart former director for Mexico, Eugenio Ebrard, and construction magnate Moses The Mann Arazi. â € ?? So far no research exists Mexico and some of the beneficiaries interviewed by Univision said that the authorities had declared against Mexico, but that information is confidential. A senior official of the Tax Administration Service of Mexico (SAT), told Univision that will be attentive to any disclosure to apply the information to France ??, says the report entitled “Refuge Mexican fortunes” signing the journalist Gerardo Reyes.

    Oscar Molina, chief of the division of large taxpayers SAT, told the media that does not mean that anyone who appears on the list is a tax evader. “Let’s assume that this list would Mexicans, as it is not automatic, we would see today as being in the regime of anonymous payment. It’s might it be declaring who are paying tax on income” Molina said.

    The report indicates that some of the people or companies mentioned in the files may have an indirect relationship with the account in Switzerland through, for example, powers of attorney representation, while others do not own the account or just one part. Others may include, without consideration, since a fund that invested supplied its name to the bank.

    Analysts believe that with these actions, Carlos Slim seeks to “end table” ??, throw an open challenge to the regime and loose all the demons in the country.

    The signs that makes the investigations are not minor. The cry of Slim, through The New York Times, has many media, but also a clear whiff of revenge.

    First, it is obvious that Carlos Slim decided to confront the regime of Enrique Peña Nieto to the constant threats against their center of financial activities.

    In this way, and so it is not any of his decision to fight government decisions doubt Carlos Slim struck a blow that want to accept it or not, put the government on the ropes.

    Input, thus questioning Slim is nothing but confidence about the government, the system, noting that thanks to the crisis, many politicians “most of them PRI” have been widely benefited, and this causes a chain reaction .

    Slim is clear the risks involved and are willing to pay the cost. The Mexican system has been put in check, and if you have not noticed a reaction to sound decent, or at least credible.

    1. I just watched an Akira Kurosawa movie, Kagemusha, a great leader dies and his body-double leads wisely for three years, once he is outed, the real heir to the throne takes over and attacks his rival leading to the loss of the entire army!

      We are deceiving ourselves that we “kick ass” and take names, when the real enemy is outed, how will we defend against their next attack? Saudis will cut off the tap destroying our economy faster and more sure than the 2008 crisis. How many of our jets and missiles did we sell them?

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