4 Eb. Went down to the crossroad, Happy New Haab!

[Update: Feb 5, 2018 – biggest DJIA drop ever -1175 points as Trump gives speech about economy and tax breaks.  This is clearly manipulation as revenge for “the Memo” revealing FISA court abuse.  I spent all day practicing Bouree and Giga but still have to make a good recording of it… 867-5309]

Fate, Destiny, decisions….4 E/Road, April 2, 2015

Today is the first day of the new Haab calendar. This is not the sacred tzolkin, but has always run consecutively with it.

It takes 52 Haab before your Tzolkin birthday and the Haab day match again.  This is why there is no Leap day in the Mayan calendar.

(The corresponding day 52 Haab ago was April 15, 1963 – cool pic, This must have been later that day, and there’s this! …and This #1 song that was unintentionally plagiarized by George Harrison!  The lawsuit against George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” was filed by Bright Tunes Music Corp. on Feb 10, 1971- 2 Dog, just two days before another 4 Road day, Feb 12, 1971))

It was a 4 Road day when Barack Obama was first elected President Nov. 4, 2008. This is what we elected him to do – http://rt.com/usa/246357-obama-iran-nuclear-deal/

So today there is some big choice to make that will have a big effect on our future.  Sure, I say all the time that the past, present and future are One.  Today is like a big unfolding of the fabric of space/time and we get to imprint our personality upon the new fabric’s design.

4 Road will be the Year-Bearer, so maybe we have a little time to think through what we want our collective destiny to be.

I have been in a discussion group about the new 18 day cycle proposed by Dr. Calleman after the 9th wave of the Mayan time pyramid has ended.  Apparently there was a 234 day level of 18×13 cycles.  I can’t say that I am completely sold on the idea that the 18 day pattern still has an impact on our consciousness.  I have always been a daykeeper of the 13×20 day count and so far as I can tell that works out just fine.  Imposing another 18 day cycle just seems too cumbersome to deal with.

This is a good day to decide which path we are going to take.  Do we continue straight down the path we have been on, do we turn around and go backwards, or veer left to more social justice or right to more stringent controls over the general population?

This Saturday is a Blood moon on 6 Ix/Jaguar.  I expect lots of the decisions we make today will begin to bear fruit really fast.

Each Blood moon last year had significant impact upon my relationships, I hope that this Saturday will bring positive change and rebuild where the previous Blood Moons have cleared away negative patterns.

April 16th, 5 Kame/Death please join me for the World-premier of EPIK, my new CD with Violinist Thomas McGregor! At Indra’s Awarehouse in Austin, TX, y’all! https://www.facebook.com/events/361155807412031/

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


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