5 Reed El Rey

Update February 6, 2018… perhaps I am still the King… But now with the Queen and people who understand me…. Perhaps.

no tengo trono ni Reina,
ni nadien que me comprenda,
pero sigo siendo El Rey!

(Open letter I wrote for Dr. Calleman’s newsgroup.)

Hi Carl and the 13!

I remember that the first time you came to Austin and we had the class at Casa de Luz, there were 13 of us!

Tonight is the big Lunar eclipse. There was another BLood Moon Eclipse also on 6 Ix/Jaguar like this night’s eclipse on February 20, 2008.

Those were some good times just before the great acceleration of the 9th level.

I don’t want to think about repeating all the same thing, I have evolved in my spiritual growth by putting all my energy to practicing classical guitar and making Maya calendar charts and making some kind of ceremony happen everyday.

My new spiritual task is to visit all the sacred portals in Texas and reawaken the cosmic light energies that our Ancestors knew so well.
There is a rock art called the “White Shaman” panel out past Del Rio and Seminole Canyon on the Pecos River.
It details the location of four springs, Austin, San Marcos, Comal (New Braunfels) and San Antonio.

The White Shaman panel also has complete astrological information, even predicting a Moon and Venus conjunction coming up June 18th of this year, 2015.
There is lots of deer symbology also regarding a comet that should be visible soon.

Perhaps it is truly about where we each choose to focus our attention. We all come from different parts of the world (Houston is different world from the TX Hill country!) that’s pretty cool. The Carlos Barrios method is pretty righteous, I have heard interpretations of the calendar from the Aztecs perspective…there is more agreement than disagreement.

I learned from the Grandmother whose spirit lives on at the Native american church in South TX…

If you cannot pray together, then pack your stuff and go pray elsewhere.

that’s what’s up!

All together relations,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo



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