Deer in the headlights, Rabbit see-saw

Today, 6 Deer is the dark-of-the-moon as we await the New Moon tomorrow, 7 Rabbit.  

It has been my experience that very little can be accomplished under this lunar aspect.  Today has the added energy of 6 Deer, 6 represents Death and healing…so it is okay to rest and allow that healing elixir to work.  Notice the DJIA has dropped over 200 points.  I imagine the Wall st computers will find a way to artificially pump that back up before day’s end.

Deer energy is great for compassion and friendship, so allow those energies to help the healing process. Take a nature walk.   Watch those deer crossing the road.  

Life breathes.  We are experiencing an in breath.  Nature has to take back that life-force energy for it’s next outbreath when all things will begin to flourish again.  The Maya calendar measures these waves and we can learn to ride them or get swept away by them.  

Tomorrow is 7 Qanil, the balanced rabbit.  Venus as the warrior for truth and beauty.  The New Moon is conjunct at exactly 12 noon precisely over Sedona, AZ during the Eaglequetzalcondor Confederation conference.  I was hoping to attend, but did not make enough money to travel there from central Texas.   So I will make my own ceremony here at my home tomorrow at 1pm CST.   Let me know if you want to join me!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo


4 thoughts on “Deer in the headlights, Rabbit see-saw

  1. A
    s usual, but perhaps a little more, even, this post is so helpful. I read about the energies usually the night before they come the next day to prepare—but this is So Much More than what was explained they the Mayan Calender Portal and the book. Thank you. It makes sense, and goes along with how my day is proceeding. I truly hope you are joined by some who live near you for the ceremony tomorrow. Is there anything I can do “long-distance”?

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