6 Serpent + 4th of July = 3rd Eye poke

Today (Jun. 29.15) is 1 Ahau/Sun on the tzolkin, one of two days that is both a beginning and an end of a cycle. The Uinal (20 days) ends as the Treceña (13 days) begins. It is also dedicated to the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal, the goddess of young feminine energy. Every 108 years Venus will rise as the Morning star on a 1 Ahau day.

Now who wants to see fireworks this 4th of July? Just about everyone in the USA. Serpent energy days on the Maya calendar are great chakra days, so the 6th chakra would be our third-eye. The number 6 is about healing, death as transformation, and 6/8 rhythms.

So if Salsa music is playing loud at your neighbors’ this 4th of July, just dance along.

The issue with 6 Serpent is that it aligns with 6 Imix/Crocodile, which happened to be the tzolkin day on 9/11/2001.

Let’s use our third-eye to send light for protection for all beings on Earth.

There is a must see alignment above our heads tonight and tomorrow, Venus and Jupiter in a perfect conjunction June 30, 2015. That is 2 Imix/Crocodile perhaps the Venus/Jupiter conjunction will resemble a pair of crocodile eyes peering at us from the dark lagoon of the Milky Way….!

One of my musical heroes died yesterday, 13 Storm, Chris Squire of Yes. He was 9 Road (March 4.1948)
the “Light of the Road, or, Pathway of the Light, Completed, destiny.” Most of Yes’ music ever since “Astral Traveller” on thier ealrliest albums to “Keys to Ascension”, “Open yours eyes”, “The Ladder”, “Tales from Topographic Oceans” too, of course, was all about travelling pathways of Light in Angelic and supernatural (higher dimensional) worlds.

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin
Carlos Cedillo


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