Times of change 

Wisdom is deep and profound like the ocean, materialism, viewing the world as merely an object, is like peering into the muddy water of a cow’s footprint.  It is getting harder and harder to find the ocean when every major power of influence is telling us to focus merely on the cold hard facts of the reality we need to  survive as humans in a physical body.

This attitude pervades everything and every moment while long range thought and meditation is downplayed as childish indulgence.  Apparently, the spiritual guides we who are Lightworkers depend on have been obstinately silent and depriving us of fruits we expected from the years of devotional work for the world and ourselves.

This means it is our time to create a new relationship with our own higher-selves and become more self reliant and responsible here in this 3 dimensional matrix.  We have to get out of our own way on the path to happiness, peace, love and all that should entail.  Effectiveness has to be our new guide.  Balancing the masculine and feminine means using masculine energy to build the feminine aspects up.

This is a good time to sort out our feelings.  Letting go of things we self-identify with can allow for something greater than we can imagine in our current state of Beingness.

Ego keeps us in frustration and anger, we can try to ignore it but it knocks louder and louder.  We can invite it in and it destroys everything, or we can open the door greet it and say, you are not welcome here.  

Take a break and let your soul rest.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Carlos Cedillo

12 Crocodile day.


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