13 Quej cosmic Deer

Medicine man making rounds being on the road. 

Deer in the lights he is going to heaven driven mad

By rejection social division a nation of aliens 

Conditioned accumulation 

Embracing creation embacing creation

Perfectly happy with the love I have all round

Modest amount makes you laugh as you cry. 

Cry as you only can laugh about the situation

You are in embracing creation embrace the medicine

Of creation

Medicine man invisible to the man

White light of protection and Golden dome

For deflection of the inevitable arrows

Deer in the forest wiithout a guide

He is going to heaven she is going to heaven

Embracing creator’s medicine 

embraing the soul of the sun

The foot prints left for all to find

The light of the violet flame of creation

Embrace all your realtions

– Carlos Cedillo


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