Time wave convergence for David Bowie and Megan E. Morris

Hi There!

As a birthday preseent to my friend and associate, MEM, and in honor of the late great David Bowie, I want to do a little Mayan Tzokin analysis.  Today Jan 26, 2016 on the Gregorian calendar is my friend Megan’s birthday.  Today also happens to be 4 Batz/Monkey day on the Maya Tzolkin.  4 Monkey also happened on the day David Bowie was born, on the Gregorian calendar that was January 8, 1947.

Remember the Tzolkin calendar is not merely a way of counting the number of days or years that have past by.  The Tzolkin is more about the quality of the time and waves of spiritual evolution.  The number 4 represents expansion, the four directions, 4 elements, four legged creatures, and a cross.   Batz can be translated as Monkey or thread.  Moneys of Mayan mythology were artisans, crafttsmen and weavers of the time-loom.  So today is about expanding the unexpected and expaning our creativity.  Bowie exemplified this energy by consistently reinventing his image, keeping audiences and critics guessing how he would present himself next.

MEM was born Jan 26, 1981, or 13 Qanil/Rabbit.  So she is chock full of Venus warrior goddess energy on a cosmic scale.  You could almost call her spoiled rotten,  but she’s really just  very lucky rabbit!  This year she wil embody an energy resembling that of the late Mr. Bowie.

In a further plot twist, today one of my favorite bands, Tortoise, just released a new album today called ‘The Catastrophist’. I have only heard one track from it so far and it sounds jazzy and mellow, not quite what I was expecting from a band that just took a seven year hiatus from recording.

The Maya calendar is about consciousness, relating each day to a vibrational number and an archetypal glyph that flow in a 13 times 20 = 260 day cycle that metaphorically resembles a tube torus of temporal reckoning.

As so mny in today’s world put their attention onto the Gregorian calendar, this creates a recording onto the evolutionary tube torus that evolves each cycle by combining world events, personal awareness and creativity.

That’s right folks, there is much more to share but only so much time in this monkey day.

Much Love

Carlos Cedillo


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