Chaco Thunderbird Man Supernova

Aho Brothers and Sisters!

I come transformed by a major spiritual leap manifestation, a journey to Chaco Culture National Heritage site in New Mexico.  The Heart of ancient North American original people’s culture and spirituality.

It was a spontaneous journey.  Just after I spent 3 nights at LEAF, Llano Earth Arts Festival,   my friend Marcos calls me and says he and two friends were going and if I would come along with some peyote medicine.  Of course, spirit screamed to go ahead and take this Journey, so I spent the next day packing and that night took off with three others, Eduite, Jay and Darcy.   That was 13 Kawak/Rainstorm day, Monday March 14. As it turns out, Jay and I had met a few years back and he had done a Cosmicjaguar logo for me.

1 AhauAhau was when we arrived at Chaco.

1 Ahau/Sun is the day of Xochiquetzal, the Aztec goddess of youthful feminine sexual energy and Venus appears on the horizon every 104 years on this tzolkin day.

It was a long night drive, laughing about “Space Brakes” because our friend Ed drove so fast ahead of Marcos and myself in the pick up.  Ed and Jay and Darcy decided to spend some time in Albuquerque so Marcos and I beat them to Chaco and began to set up camp and hike the trails near the campsite.  We were right by a very powerful little spirit house and a kiva both built into the canyon walls.

2 Imiximix.  The next morning we all visited the Puebla Bonito kiva complex and the petroglyph trails.  Another trail led up to a great view of Fajada Butte, the amazing power emanating from this vortex was heart, up and down my spine and through the core of my Being.


3 Ik Ikwas even more spectacular.  Marcos and I decided to split from the others to hike to Tsin Kletzin, a spectacularly located spiritual Great House with a 360 view of the entire Chaco canyon.  You could even see the snowy mountains of Colorado in the distance and you could see the alignment with Puebla Bonito and another great house above the North rim of the canyon.  The one petroglyph we did not see was  the supernova, so we have a good excuse to get back there soon!

4 Akbal Akbalwas the long drive home.

Keep on Truckin’!

-Carlos Cedillo


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