11 Akbal, Changing dream future new moon

Today’s New Moon has been brought to you by the Tzolkin day glyph, 11 Akbal.

11 is the portal of change and Akbal is Night, Foredawn, the Heart , the vault of our dream space.  The future doesn’t happen without dreaming it into existence first.

During the actual New Moon that happened before the sunrise CST, I was dreaming of doing laundry on a strange laundry machine/couch that I had a hard time figuring out how to get to work properly.  Also my clothes were thrown about a messy room that I identified as my friend (11 Deer) where I used to play music, and it was always a mess!

I believe the dream means I need to sort out my past dirty laundry – karmic situations that weigh down my consciousness by literally weighing down my mind and heart capacities.  Times when I did not feel so sure of myself, not sure how I would create a future that could be different from my present not-so-comfortable-nor-ideal circumstances.

Now despite the fact – in 3D reality – that my circumstances are not terribly different than those more difficult times, I know without a doubt how to bring about the set of life circumstances I wished for and I feel the new life energies flowing through me, around me and attracting many other souls who resonate with my own heart, mind and spiritual vibrations.

It never was something I could force into existence by “wishing it were so” or by “faking it until I make it”.  There is never a need to fake anything, just let go of the expectations and allow it to become.  Let it be.

So then things begin to Be that that you did not even know you wanted to Be.  But it had to be in your living Dream.  You have to know the difference between a dream and an ego driven 3-D reality fantasy.  Release “I, Me, Mine”, realize unconditional love through the pain and ridiculous dramatic circumstances you volunteered to dance to.

No Blame because it all is just a dream, others are dreaming in the drama too, they are as unaware as you were.  Now we know we are dreaming as One Being and infinity is free, who can grasp space?  I wake up to know I can experience awakened what I saw when I was asleep.  But for now I wait….for a more beautiful future than I thought I was going to have last night.

12 Lizard tomorrow, cast those nets!  13 Serpent Saturday, let’s do yoga now instead of bombing countries for oil, ok, mmm that’d be a great future too you know!

I will be performing my sitar at San Marcos, TX Farmer’s market on the square Saturday 13 Serpent (April 9) and begin teaching at UT Austin Informal Classes, Your Soul’s purpose via the Maya Calendar, June 16-July 21, 3 Reed-12 Rabbit.

July 4th is 8Monkey, Maya Daykeeper initiation day and I will have a new disciple Daykeeper going through the ceremonies for 260 days.  Anyone else interested should email me at cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com

Donations are always appreciated too. Thanks!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Cosmicjaguar Carlos Cedillo



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