12 Akbal, one more step to the Future

I will be teaching “Your Life’s purpose via the Mayan calendar at University of Texas’ Informal classes.


7:00PM to 8:00PM
Jun 16, 2016 to Jul 21, 2016


Please join me and change your life and we can change the world together!

Today is a Romantic kind of day, so go ahead and put your heart out there on a line and see what you can reel in!

It is your house, hearth, fireplace, dream-space portal.

So I have learned a big lesson about Tantric life-force energy, the serpent and the apple.

Most of this information came to me in dreams.  One dream was that I was a t a sorority house and the women were eating apples, when I payed a chord on a guitar, the women all ran screaming, “no we hate that sound!”….The reality happened last Saturday at a women’s retreat center in Austin, Tx.  The apple was a Tantric exercise class.

It seems that my tantric, life-force energy is off the charts and there are a few folks who do not have tantric energy that is harmonious with my own.  When our energies meet, a harsh, dissonant vibration is created.  Apparently this makes me into a target for all sorts of dark entities to shoot their arrows at.

I have a strong light force field around me.  Those dark arrows fall flat on the ground and turn into beautiful flowers.

I used to blame myself for such confrontations, but now I understand that it is not my problem that others have suffered so much from Tantric energy attacks, physical or psychological or otherwise.  It is unfortunate that simply being a man who resembles some of the twisted men who were actual culprits in abuse of women and Mother Earth, I would become a target for the accumulated fear and hate.

This is a good healing moment.  Without a true balance between the masculine and feminine Tantric forces, the cycle of patriarchal domination, and the psychological disorders it causes in it’s victims cannot finally dissolve and heal.

Certainly there are more and more fully healed and Ascending Light Beings among both sexes and in all the new alternate sexes popping up as people decide for themselves the roles they wish to play in life!

We can offer help to those still stuck in the patriarchal dominance mode of fear, hate, violence and revenge.  Ultimately it is not for us to decide if someone else can heal, but truly up to each individual to desire  and find their own healing.

We can be the light, hold the light, shine the light react in love act on love, love even when it is not returned to us, not ever lowering our standards or living in denial.

Love wins because it is within us always.

Peace out

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo





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