8 Road powerful destiny


Aho relatives,

Honor to the Ancient Teotihuacan Empire that stretched out from current day Mexico City north to current day Arizona and New Mexico, south east to Yucatan , Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.  Through treaty, trade and conquest our Ancestors consolidated their  rule and spread their religion and culture to rival any great empire that ever existed in Europe or Asia.

I am proud to say I have walked much of this territory.  I noticed right away the similarities of building techniques, glyphic languages and spiritual beliefs and practices of the Ancient Chacoan and Anasazi and those of the Maya, Aztec and Olmec Ancestors.

Although every tribe will insist the old stories belong to themselves, the truth is found in all the deepest creation myths.   These ancient ways are the only things that can save the current civilization living on the Western continents of North and South America.  Why should we not call this Turtle Island and begin to use the PreColumbian languages once again?

Obviously we must also adopt modern technology as well, but now in a clean, ethical way to help regenerate our Mother Earth.

I have a personal vision that I want you all to help manifest for my new life when we are all equally awake.  Envision a tropical yoga and healing spa in Guatemala (or Mexico) where I will lead expeditions to newly excavated Maya pyramids and teach the tzolkin calendar and hold beautiful ceremonies and perform soothing sitar and classical guitar concerts every night.

Thanks, and world peace, see that too

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!





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