2 Kawok 3 Ahau to 8 Kan


If you didn’t notice, lots of people are going through, ahem, shall we say difficult stuff right now.  This is due to a Grand Cross pattern on the Western astrology zodiac.

So Saturn is the big culprit at 13*Sagittarius opposing the Sun at 12*Gemini, Neptune in Pisces makes everything confusing opposite expansive Jupiter in Virgo, so it is really confusing!

As the Moon moves closer to conjunction with the Sun, we can expect some major break ups and Strum Und Drang.

Or if you look through the lens of the Maya calendar instead, everything seems to be coming up roses!  Friday June 3 is 3Ahau/Sun and a great time to get that light energy churning again.  Practice some lightworker meditations, salute the Sun, let the light bubbles fill your head and heart.  Saturday is 4 Imix/Crocodile, and it is a New Moon (10pm CST)  Make plans for expanding your manifestations, hypnotize yourself into getting out and about.  Do be careful that you don’t clash with other people’s ideas of what should or should not be, just move away if anyone is a little argumentative.  The number 4 is a great representation of the Grand Cross!  BANG! sorry, didn’t mean to make you freak out…

Sunday is 5 Ik/Wind, breath spirit, one of my most beautiful friends and coolest person on the planet is 5 Ik, breathing life from the fifth dimension.  Let someone take your breath away!

Now we get to the interesting world political stuff, Bernie Sanders who is 6 Akbal/Night.  This is Monday June 6, just one day before some major Democratic primary races.  The most important elections are in New Jersey and California.  Most Lame stream media will be trying to convince everyone that Hillary Clinton is the official nominee, but we already know ahead of time that this is a tremendous lie.  Bernie has all the energy behind him to pull off very big wins all over the country.  The primary day is 7 Ka’at/Lizard, or Net, so even if Bernie only manages to tie Hillary, it will essentially be a huge victory for him because the lame Stream media has been 100% bought and paid for by Hillary’s campaign.

Bernie’s big victory will trigger a backlash from the vipers, so be careful on Wednesday 8 Serpent.  Have a ceremony, do yoga, avoid drama mamas, do anything to soothe your nerves or just try to sleep through it all. KAHN!!!!

I will catch you up on the rest of the trecena and uinal cycles in a couple of days, so be cool y’all, be cool!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

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