9 Death/Cimi(Kame)

From Upakkilesa Sutta, Imperfections

When many voices shout at once

None considers himself a fool;

Though the Sangha (community) is split

None thinks himself to be at fault.

They have forgotten thoughtful speech,

They talk obsessed by words alone.

Uncurbed their mouths, they bawl at will;

None knows what leads him so to act.

‘He abused me, he struck me,

He defeated me, he robbed me’ –

In those who harbour thoughts like these

Hatred  will never be allayed.

For in this world hatred is never

Allayed by further acts of hate.

It is allayed by non-hatred:

That is the fixed and ageless law.

Those others do not recognize

That here we should restrain ourselves.

But those wise ones who realize this

At once end all their enmity.

Breakers of bones and murderers,

Those who steal cattle, horses, wealth,

Those who pillage the entire realm –

When even these can act together

Why can you not do so too?

If one can find a worthy friend,

A virtuous, steadfast companion,

Then overcome all threats of danger

And walk with him content and mindful.

But if one finds no worthy friend,

No virtuos, steadfast companion,

Then as a king leaves his conquered realm,

Walk like a tusker in the woods alone.

Better it is to walk alone,

There is no companionship with fools.

Walk alone and do no evil,

At ease like a tusker in the woods.

  • Buddha


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