10 Quej, Deer Lord

Today feels like an awesome day to find gold, a real honest ‘heart of gold’ soul.

After all the trauma and Sturm und Drang that I had predicted would go down last week, it is time for a ray of loving sunshine to gleam into our eyes.   There is love out there but old tarnished emotions needed a good scrubbing to make them shine renewed.

Take Heart, go with what it is telling you.

Stay out of FEAR, and stay the hell away from those who are promoting fear as some sort of an answer to their personal pain and unhealed trauma.  Yes there are lots of them and you may think they are your friends, but they spit venom at anyone who dares to mirror their shit back at them.

There are many millions of people screaming at one dumb news story, not willing to see the blatant manipulation they allow to happen to themselves because they are so attached to that old traumatic shit they don’t want to let go of and walk away from.

Any how, there are those who are lots more awake and aware and who have done the WORK that is required to make yourself whole and happy again.

Ok, now, another important issue that has surfaced again.  Watching a career serial liar and bullshit artist extraordinaire rise to the height of political power has opened my own eyes to the dark influence of New-Agey “The Secret” types of “teachers” who tell folks to LIE until your LIE becomes real.  What happens is you turn out like Hillary Clinton, and other manipulative arrogant assholes – this is true of Republicans – willing to lie about her “winning” the election several days before the voting started in California.  Willing to lie and say there is no chance that she will ever be indicted in the FBI investigations happening around her emails and bribes to the Clinton foundation.  How does she know?  Because that is the strategy she learned from other master manipulators, lie until everyone believes your lie and lie and lie and lie just to hoodwink people to take their eyes off reality just long enough for the liar to slip the little ball under a different shell.

Back to LOVE.  Love requires that you stand firm in your TRUTH.  Once you get away from truth, you are out of your HEART and into your mind’s fakery.  You can “prove” anything with your mind, even that the Earth is flat, but that will never stand against the power of truth telling that is your heart’s response to it’s surroundings.

The deliberate falsehoods cause serious karmic damage to everyone around a liar but the liar does not care because in their mind they have changed “reality” and that places their ego in the place where God/Universe/Great Spirit, what ever name you call it, should be residing.

Fortunately, the Heart knows even more, it knows if the truth is still within the heart of someone caught in this game and it knows how to FORGIVE the other person caught up in the “alternate” story.

So forgiveness is the key to getting out of fear and manipulation, and victimization and back to your original state of LOVE for all things real and true.

Good luck with that!

No, just kidding, you can do it now.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Cosmicjaguar Carlos Cedillo

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Much Love



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