Everything is not what we think it is

Version 2I know that this Earth and this Universe is not what we have been taught to believe. Many are opening up to the reality of Higher Dimensional conscious “Light Beings”. Plasma based life forms inhabiting the Earth, the atmosphere, Space, and most importantly, other dimensions than the 3 dimensions we are most accustomed to.

Now that 3D world has dissolved to my perceptions, new universes can be seen through portals opening from super vortex energy spots.  Being a witness to these portals has changed the whole game of spirituality.  Before “Spirit” had been relegated to subjective individual consciousness – dreams, psychic awareness, astral projection or past-life regression, channellings,etc., now the 3D world has slipped up and cannot hold back our shared experience of existing phenomena the world has never allowed to “Be”.

In 2012 I was privileged to be a part of the CE-5 movement, Disclosure Project, actually calling “Light ships” to appear in the sky.  Ever since the mid-1990’s I studied and taught about the Maya prophecies that mention the Return of the Ancestors from the Pleiades and what we experienced during CE-5 was just that.

I believe the physics of the Space Ancestors’ light ships and the inter-dimension portals are related.  It is more probable that the Light ships are really coming to visit with our inner-Earth cousins than to visit us 3D dwellers.

As Buddha awoke, so I have Awakened to know that this 3D experience is the dream and there is a real world that has not locked out the Light Beings from our daily life experience.  The children of the Hopi tribe still make Kachina dolls that resemble the spirit beings that come to play with them.  Orbs are becoming more common in everyone’s digital pictures.

So I get a lot of flack from people for “not making money”.  I may have traded off a large part of the joys of living in the 3D control matrix for adventure and excessive privacy.  The time I took to meditate, day-dream, trip, wander in the deserts and jungles, the non-starter relationships, the heart ache – all that so that I could be the artist and shaman that nature intended for me to become, that is all vindicated now because there is no other way ever that I could have bought my way into this extra-dimensional experience at a canyon cliff dwelling than following that very path I took through life.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Lair of the Thunderbird Man



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