4 Serpent Eclipse report

[Update February 18, 2018 – 4 Serpent – a Heart chakra day.  https://youtu.be/m-JDsGXOvT0  JFK was shot on a 4 Reed day, but today’s energy resonates due to East, Red similarity.  I had never really looked deep at the JFK assassination video, but here it is, clear as day, the driver fired the fatal last shot.)


What to say? nothing, everything is super perfection.

Today I sent healing through the  Mother Earth while activating a friend’s chakras.  The session was filmed by my friend Marcos Locos and we will post it later this weekend maybe.  Then I got to see an amazing friend I hadn’t seen for two years or so.

A Mermaid Ball is happening in San Marcos, Tx tomorrow, 5 Death.  It should be an amazing spectacle of beauty.

That is not all but it is all for now, nighty night!

Thunderbird Man



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