4 Monkey, Bowie time,don’t argue

4 Monkey fell earlier this year, January 26th.  and I had written a blog for a friend https://violetflamerecords.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/time-wave-convergence-for-david-bowie-and-megan-e-morris/

Today the Monkey is showing up to throw shit around as everyone is freaking out that we have the two worst candidates for President ever.

We also have one of the best, Jill2016.com

There are time travel issues today as generational gaps become apparent.  The older generation cannot fathom voting outside of the two-party duopolist oligarchy.

Sexual issues are also coming to the forefront today.  As bad as Trump’s words and behavior are, there is no topping Bill Clinton’s indiscretions and Hillary’s enabling him by covering up and shaming the victims.

Eventually the past catches up with us all.  https://twitter.com/wikileaks

It is an old school technique to blame Russia for everything but the fact remains that US depends on war for its economic survival and dominance.

The future is still ours to create as we see fit, so keep on fighting the good fight with peaceful protests and never back down from what is right, as I had to explain to some Hillary supporters – if 95% of the voting population jumped off a cliff would you jump just because staying on solid ground can’t win?

It is a drag to say that Trump was right – Hillary deliberately deleted thousands of emails https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/786217317881507841/photo/1

Freedom baby! Yeah

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Thunderbird Man

Carlos Cedillo

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