260 Days ago was February 5th 2016,  there has been a huge evolutionary leap for everyone this year.  So many famous people passed away.  It has been as if we had to make space for an entirely new culture.  Some where after the 1960s we have completely lost our sence of authenticity.  Commercialism grabbed us like a noose.  There was no longer any requirement for artists and media to tell us truth in any form.  “Reality TV” created the least real scenarios and stole the souls from many young aspiring artists.  Fear took over the creative process, fear to prevent us showing our true selves.

Now is the best time ever to regain our sence of reality, truly grounding our personal authenticity into the Earth Mother.  End the judgements of good bad, light dark, man woman, we are simply our truest essence, divine light.


Thunderbird Man

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