9 Crocodile Solstice 12/21/16

What we have been awaiting is rising to the surface…don’t expect it to look like our wildest imaginings.  [Godzilla!]  This is deep deep sub conscious, not just our human subconscious but our Earth subconscious and Galactic subconscious as well.  Venus over South Padre_2

Our Inner-Earth family is there for all to see…once we all open our Third-eye really wide (see: Bill Hicks)

Our soul family is coagulating into various vibrational harmony relationships…they may not be who you thought they would be, most likely newcomers just showing up at your door.

Raising your vibration is always good, but if you are just beginning, you have some amazing experiences awaiting you!  Those of us far down that road will be happy to finally find those missing soul counterparts!

Good luck everyone… You make your own luck and here comes the long awaited payoff.

aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Thunderbird Man


at Rebel HQ0002worpresspic-copy1.png



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