1 Rainstorm, Chac Fire ceremony

Aho Amigos!

I had my first Maya Fire ceremony today! Four young ladies from Austin helped put in prayers and intentions for the New Year in the fire. The perfume went up to the Heavens and was sensed by the Nature Spirits, the Guadalupe River, and all the Cosmos. We closed the ceremony by dancing and playing music counter clockwise.


New Teachings, new community. We had to do some pruning the past few weeks during the holidays and we lost some fruits and flowers during the freeze.  Now the new energetic year is fully revved up and about to spin out it’s wheels!


David Bowie and Elvis Presley’s birthday today!   In two days it will be one full solar year that DAVid BOwie left us, urging us to become BLackStars in his eternal legacy.  He did not become famous by trying out for “America’s got talent”.  Nope he did not need confirmation or permission from anybody to be himself, He changed and we all had to change right along with him.


Anyhow, I made known my intentions and my frustrations with the Universe and since you cannot even think in private now, I may have revealed too much at times.  What does it matter?  The prayers I said today and the intentions I set into the fire will play out as the Immortals desire.

song of Palenque traveling along south of imaginary lines called borders bending time and drifting in space we give the orders, please let us not fall off the edge infinite spreads. our craft oooohh la la Kulkulcan Thunderbird man gets us there by land stand as the earths moves through you.  peyote green and orange drink magic bubbles delight the heart muscles.  sink into the mountains air Doña Julieta is there with little ones who spring forth all year.  Mucho trabajo, mucho limpiando, don’t give me no more work you gringo!  cafe con cinammon cafe hecho a mano.  trabajando todo la noche, Niño Santo Niño Santo amigo no puedo trabajar por una mujer, escuche mi oracion escuche mi corazon Angelitos baila baila baila one more time while I work away the night find the beauty for me out there deseo mas de vida deseo mas amor deseo mas dinero y menos el dolor!


Thunderbird Man

copyright 2017 Violet Flame Records



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