4 winds. 5 night full moon

What day could I ever not feel you?

So it went on for days without endings

Surpises yes still dreaming

Glimpses into innerspace hearts aglow with emptiness

Even stone walls team with light beings

The ant people, the orbs and pink tenatcled squid

Gyrations make us weightless the ground drops down

From under our feet quite a feat defying gravity, a law

Or a misleading theory?

The only thing we need to fall in the only floor on which

We are dancing

Sing Calliope sing to me muse the mystery of love

Oh the sirens wail I cringe and sigh

Medusa stings deflect from my shield

Dark smoky mirrors are they all

But you that mysterious energy field the infux to my outflow

Is my power enough for you, can it ever be high enough for you?

The Grand Cross is on the full moon on 4 winds of fate destiny effort and hope

But only giving up wins

Aho my borthers and sisters

I made a bet on myself that I could survive on my creativity alone

Can you sympathize?
Keep me alive and rolling down the road in 2017 please donate today

Via square invoice violetflamerecords@gmail.com

Thanks and aho mitakuye oyasin!

Thunderbird Man

Calos Cedillo


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