God’s Judgment, from The Book of Chumayel, the Coucil Book of the Yucatec Maya – Chilam Balam

Thus sayeth the Jaguar Prophet….1 Tijax, Flint Knife, mirror, truth

Part E.  God’s Judgment




48. The Trumpet shall Sound


Judgement from God over virtuous people:

“Come before me,

Ye blessed people of my Father.

Then you will inherit the eternal glory

Prepared by my Father

When He began mankind

You have kept the words of the soul.

You have done penance

When you sinned against me.

Therefore come with me to Heaven.”

Then he turns his sight again

Upon the sinners

Who have angered His heart:

“Depart ye fom me,

Ye who are cursed

By my Father.

Go ye to the fire of Hell.

No end to that which is prepared for the devil

By my Father.

You have disdained me,

I who am your Father,

I who am your Savior.

You have scorned my Word

Because of the word of the devil.

So go ye at his back to eternal painful labor.”

So then the evil people go to Hell,

And those who are good people

Will go to heaven,

Behind our Father who is God,

To eternal glory,

Like the glory of Jehoshaphat.

There are three people,

The true children of God

And much beloved by God –

Elisha and Methuselah and Enoch their names.

And they lived almost to today.

Truly they were ordained by God –

Their thrones, their seats, their chairs –

Coming to be counted by Our Father God

At one hollow in the land,

At one great open plain.

Then He will be seated on his throne of rulership.

Then the entire universal multitude will assemble.

The sheep will be separated –

They will be on His right hand.

The goats will be separated –

They will be on His left hand.

Truly, then those on His left

Are the evil people,

Those who did not complete

The Commandment of God


They will go then

To the endless painful labor of Hell

Below the world,

Weighed down because of the first fathers.

Those on the right hand of Great Prophet God

Are the truly good people,

Those who completed the Commandments of God.

He says: “Let us go, ye blessed by my Father,

Behind the prophet lordship

Prepared for you at the beginning of mankind.”

Yes, then a great storm will arise

Black in the belly of heaven

And on the face of the earth.

Like a trumpet will be the song of angels,

Incomparably joyful.

The True God will arise,

The Father of heaven and earth, truly.



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