Cosmic Home, 1 Lizard

13 Akbal, House/Night/Foredawn I was at Llano Earth Art Festival all weekend and got to perform every day on sitar and Native American flute. I had a big fire for a ceremony! It was a true Pheonix arising. The moment I lit the first candle, the wind picked up very fast and it began to pour rain!

Friday 10 Ahau, I played while the Hot Mess fire spinners danced then was asked to perform on one song for Jon D. Graham

The ceremony was on 11 Imix, March 11, at 11:11pm just before the Spring day-light saving time change.  A huge flame blew with the wind about 20 ft to the south.  The rain soaked us all on one side while the fire was super hot in front of us…..

12 Wind started out very cold and damp, but I played my sitar at 10 AM and everyone really enjoyed waking up to that.

Thankfully I had a room at the Dabbs Railroad hotel thanks to my friend Greg and the owner David.  Thanks Vibe Tribe for the art gallery, Binky and crew for hosting the entire event.

Anyhoot, today is 13 Akbal, and it is all about home, and dreaming the future, I had a very wild dream this morning, I met Led Zeppelin, (one of Jimmy Page’s cousin’s from Scotland was there at the LEAF!)  and said I wanted to hear what they sounded like NOW!  Then there was a saga with my ex (in the dream still)  a weird insect like skeletal bug like  a centipede, then there was a city with chemtrails all in the sky and a huge chemtrail leaving a gigantic chemical cloud…I hope that was not too prophetic!

Tomorrow is 1 Lizard, prepare to make new connections!

I hope to post more pics from LEAF soon! thanks and Blessings!

Carlos Cedillo




One thought on “Cosmic Home, 1 Lizard

  1. Debra Whiddon

    An “aha” clue in this for me–thank you. Also, would to talk about some things in your previous post. Feels like a mid-week chat is timely. Keep up the good work! D

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