6 Toj, healing waters

Hey, this is Thunderbird Man talking to you all

The fear is gone, the light of love and the light of truth shine

your offering has pleased the Goddess and the Sphere light Beings

you are worthy of Love and wealth and infinite gratitude

The Science has been transcended by the verification of Faith

Understand life’s possibilities are greater than the fear of the unknown and forgotten

The Universe Expands, that is what all in the Universe also does.

Entropy happens too when we allow for it, Love happens too

Choosing matters, how we express gratitude matters

The Universe does listen, no matter what Bill Nye the Science guy says.

The Science does not confront facts it does not have capabilities to handle.

Does Existence have to prove itself before we think about it, or do thoughts create reality out of a no-thingness of pure light energy?

At what point did we lose sight of things that were seen clearly by the authors of the great mythologies?

“What happened to this song we once knew so well” – Tales from Topographic Oceans

Yes we are home now, we are around our greater family

We Remember now


Thank you

-Carlos Cedillo

Sunday March 19, 2017, 6 Toj healing waters


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