12 Rabbit, She’s a Bomb!

So 12 Rabbit is super happy intelligent rabbit, Venus has just done her new thing as the rising Star, so of course you know this means WAR! Huh! Good God!

What is it good for?  Interestingly enough… I believe this may be the final end of the Syrian war as those with clearer heads realize there is no room for pretending everything is just ok as it was.

Trump was tricked because he is too enamored of the Israelis’ macho image.  This was so obvious a false flag with the nerve gas, even Rand Paul was quick to try to prevent Trump from acting with the military.  Unfortunately Trump’s ego got in the way.

The Peace makers now have to act as decisively as Trump acted.  We have to make it known that False Flags require us to point out the real perpetrators and make the moves to get rid of them once and for all.

Diplomacy worked once back in 2013 when Russia said they would remove all of Assad’s nerve gas.

If we choose love over war, positivity instead of fear and negativity, then we can prevail and not only end the Syrian civil war but many other conflicts or potential conflicts.

Trump needs a reality check for sure, let us PRAY FOR him to see the light and convince him to punish those who carried out the false flag rather than Mr. Assad.

While that is going on I will be dancing with the Goddess herself, Guan Yin tea for me with sitar.

Stand in your power. Do not watch the fear porn!!!!

Love really is within you Peace is within you.  You are in the World!  The more you hold onto that Peace and LOVE the more Peace and love is in the world!  do the math!


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin = All my Relations!

Lair of the Thunderbird Man

2 thoughts on “12 Rabbit, She’s a Bomb!

  1. Debra Whiddon

    Great post, Carlos. Yes, total false flag event. Strangely significant attack was launched on anniversary of start of WW1 and while Chinese Premier on US soil. Much symbolism. There will be “unplanned fallout” as this was Not part of immediate/smoother ‘greater good plan’ to move us forward…but, ultimately all growing pains work for the “good”. Just like my own life path has been: tired of the hard lessons :). Peace, D

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