2 Monkey full Moon major Time-line split


I hope you all are ready to move beyond old school monkey mind.   The old thread has worn out and is splitting into a new reality based on Earth and Universe evolution.  No Fear, no looking back.  Fire and brimstone may be raining down but do not look backwards.  Decide now to be the new you.  Let go of frenemies and bad habits, youth is wasted on the young, wisdom says let go move on.  Move beyond the hype move beyond the 3D physical into many more dimensions of practical conscious entities.  Many more octaves of light evolution frequencies require exploration.

Dynamic portals are opening from Redwood trees to canyon walls, deep seas and deep space.  All are portals when looked at with the eyes of innocence.  We truly are babies in the higher realms but once we learn the first steps we can be off and running.  Meanwhile back in the matrix, news channels are telling you what to think, who to be angry at and what you should cry about, while holding up the remedy for a low low price of hours of your life wasted.  Get out, tune it out, leave the program.

How do we do this?  How do we escape “what is” for what should be?  Well looking on the positive side, 2 Monkey can mean Two-strings.  So maybe it is time to tie up your heart strings with another Being of Light as yourself!  Weave your heart strings together rather than arguing about whose string of thought is correct.  Make sure your shoe laces are tied because tomorrow is 3 E/Road.  We will be making a move into our new destiny.

Listen to string instrument concertos today, Vivaldi, Bach, Handel could be good.  Heal broken timelines to make the present better and create new stories to weave a better future.   Guitar and sitar perhaps?  Dance dance.  Play play.  Seriously amusing.

Speaker wire.  warp and woof.  Oh yeah, think how we have progressed since 8 Monkey just 20 days ago (March 21, 2017), Time really flies!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Thunderbird Man



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